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Learn the Principles of Design, responsibilities of a designer, and the Creative Process. Typography, Color Theory, Spatial Relations, Gestalt, and the Production Process, from Concept to Output. These skillsets will be applicable to Print and Web design layout.
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We provide you with direct design experience, coupled with intellectual understanding for true knowledge as you develop a comprehensive design project from concept to output. Enjoy.

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User Interface Design
While UI design is certainly a creative field, it’s not as open to interpretation as other art forms. When UI design adheres to predictive patterns, users have less to think about and, in turn, are happier when they use your interface.
Print and Layout
Applying the principles of design in a comprehensive layout project will allow you to utilize the Adobe Software properly, while preparing your files with the best file formats and resolutions for compatibility with a variety of output sources.
I wanted to thank you for all of your instruction, insight and
encouragment in your classes.
I have just been hired as a full-time
graphic designer at an American company in Stuttgart, Germany.
They were impressed with my work and technical knowledge. I definitely
feel well prepared and excited for this new challenge! —S. Cardet

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That is incredible. I love this program..

Thank you for your knowledgeable, relaxed, and humorous teaching style. I enjoyed today's session very much. I know this class will open new doors for me and my career. —W. Matreret
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